Honda HS-2200V Veterinary Ultrasound

HS-2200V is a portable high resolution, black and white ultrasound imaging system incorporating the latest technologies available into an economical, user-friendly package. High density, multi-frequency transducers provide excellent image quality in rugged field conditions or at the office.



All necessary functions come in one compact unit.
The compact body is easy to carry, so it is useful not only in clinics or hospitals,
but also for outside observation.
A simple menu system is speedy for daily use.


Excellent ultrasound images

Advanced image enhancement technology, “H-res TM”, brings the perfect solutions for visibility.
Our original image enhancement technology

H-res (Our Resolution Technology)

*Resolution visualizes delicate tissue structure in shallower region.

*Penetration visualizes good resolution in deeper organs.

*Boundary visualizes bones for observation.

*Clarity reduces the noise in blood vessel.

*Mild reduces the image enhancement effect.

*OFF has direct ultrasound image.


Stress-free operation

A full-size keyboard with an ergonomic design enables stress-free operation.

Smooth operation anywhere

The foldaway keyboard and LCD panel make for a slim-style unit that is easy to carry.

Preset function

System settings can be assigned to function keys up to ten settings and can be easily recalled.


The image output signal is available in both PC format (SVGA) and TV format (NTSC/PAL)

Data Storage

USB memory

When a USB memory is inserted, records can be done directly into the USB memory. Moving images can also be stored in the USB memory in AVI format.



Scanning Method Linear/Convex Electric Scan
Display Mode B, B/B, B/M. M, B/Z
Range 0~20mm to 0~240mm (10mm step)
Focusing Method Full Digital Beam Forming
Continuous Dynamic Receiving Focus
4 Stage Dynamic Transmission Focus
Ultrasound Frequency 2.8~12.5MHz
Display Monitor 12.1″SVGA Color LCD Monitor
Wide Viewing Angle (horizontal:170°vertical:170°)
Image Display Up/Down, Left/Right, Positive/Negative
Image Adjustment B-gain, M-gain : 36~100db 1db step
Dynamic Range : 35~95db 10db step(1db adjustable)
STC : 8 segments
Acoustic Power : 20〜100%(10%step)
γcorrection : 5styles (max.10)
H-res(Image Enhancement):OFF, Detail1, Detail2, Mild, Detail3,
Resolution, Penetration, Clarity, Boundary
Sweep Speed : 5steps
Cine Memory 255 frames
Measurement Function Distance, Circumference / Area, Volume, Hip Joint, Histogram, Gestational Weeks Calculation,
EFW, Velocity, LV Calculation
Character Display Hospital Name (40), Patient Name (30), ID(10), Age, Sex, DOB, LMP, Date, Time, Probe Type,
Range, gain, Acoustic Power, Dynamic Range, Gamma, H-res, Gray Scale, Frequency,
Focus Information
Probe Connector 2 (selected by keyboard)
Dimension 335mm(W)x200mm(D)x380mm(H):keyboard closed
335mm(W)x500mm(D)x380mm(H):keyboard opened
Net Weight 11kg approx.
Power Source 100〜240V 50/60Hz 150VA
Data Storage Still Image Internal(Jpeg)(100 images max. )/External USB memory(Jpeg, DICOM)
Moving Image(AVI) External USB memory
External I/O USB Memory x 1
Video Output x 2  Channel (composite Video)
External Monitor x 1  Analog RGB
Printer Remote Port x1
Foot Switch Port x 1
Probes Convex probe (5.0/3.5/2.8MHz 60R)HCS-536M, HCS-436M
Linear probe (11.0/8.5/6.0MHz 40mm)HLS-584M
Linear probe (10.0/7.5/5.0MHz 50mm)HLS-575M, HLS-475M
Linear probe (12.5/10.0/7.5MHz 30mm)HLS-513M, HLS-413
Micro-Convex probe (9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 12R)HCS-5712M
Micro-Convex probe (7.0/5.0/3.5MHz 20R)HCS-452M
Micro-Convex probe (Transvaginal 120°)(9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 10R)
HCS-5710MV, HCS-4710MV
MIcro-Convex probe (9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 10R) HCS-4710M
Micro-Convex probe (Endorectal 170°)
(9.0/7.5/5.0MHz 10R)HCS-5710MR
Options Video Printer
Foot Switch (SFUS-1GR 1.8m)
Biopsy Guide
Water bag (HWB-02, HWB-03)
Cassette (HWA-03, HWA-05, HWA-06)

Additional information