Clio DR SM Veterinary X-Ray

The affordable DR Solution




Scintillator : Direct Deposit Csl:Ti
Active Area : 434 x 434 mm
Pixel Array : 2816 x 2816
Pixel Pith : 154 μm

Why not upgrade your existing Radiography to DR?
  • As the detector and generator synchronize automatically by means of AED there is no need to modify the X-ray system or adapt the system or the cable connections
  • Excellent image quality due to high DQE, large dynamic range and very low noise
  • “Csl direct deposition” technology optimizes digital signal processing and ensures excellent image quality at a low X-ray dose
  • Easy operation and integration due to a single cable for power, network and synchronization
  • Multiple plates and solutions available

Image Processing


Automatic image processing for optimal quality

  • Perfect images at all times – generally no adjustment requiredIntegrated software for auto
  • Professional, adaptable image processing for each individual examination to obtain best possible image settings for the need of each customer
  • Due to specially developed processes, the image processing allows the user to cary the X-ray settings on a large scale while the image quality remains virtually the same (possibility of reducing the dosage)
  • Bones and soft tissue in one image – this enables the user to significantly imprve the diagnosis
  • Details of bones and microstructures are very easy to recognise
  • Noise suppression
  • Black mask (automatic shutters)
  • Automatic removal of grid lines when using fixed grids