M-VET ASA Laser Therapy

M-VET collects the scientific and technological know-how of over thirty years of ASA Research and Development in a new generation of therapeutic devices branded ASAveterinary, entirely dedicated to animal health. The benefits of the MLS® synchronised impulse are now enhanced through an optical fibre technology, which allows conveying higher intensity energy packets inside the tissues, in total safety.



Anti-inflammatory action
M-VET treatment exerts a significant inhibitory action on the production of pro-inflammatory molecules.

Action on pain – causes
M-VET treatment produces short and long-term analgesic effects, allowing a significant and progressive function recovery.

Tissue repair action
M-VET treatment improves the quality of the newly formed tissue and accelerates healing times.


M-VET Tech Plus

Safety, homogeneity of treatment, peak power and ergonomics are just a few of the features which ensure M-VET is the top-quality product in the field of veterinary therapies.

  • Enhanced MLS®
  • Optical fibre
  • Back-up System
  • Quality of the materials
  • Game Changer Technology


M-VET Software

The innovation of M-VET extends to the user interface, equipped with a 10.1″ high brightness touch screen and a latest generation software for an unprecedented user experience.
Easily upgradeable via USB port, thanks to its flexibility it fits to the use experience of the different users and includes predefined protocols dedicated to the care of dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals which are implemented according to the selected:

  • Anatomic area
  • Pathology of interest
  • Patient’s characteristics
  • Clinical phase


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